Residential Dumpster Rental


It’s that time again for New Year’s resolutions, and one of the most common is cleaning and decluttering the household. However, doing so might seem a little overwhelming, especially if you think about all those trips back and forth bringing the trash to the curb. 

That’s why the team from Blue Box Waste Service has shared some of the benefits of investing in reliable roll-off dumpsters for your New Year’s cleaning projects. 

1. Decluttering Your Garage, Basement, & Attic 

One of the biggest benefits of using a reliable roll-off dumpster or trash roll-off service to declutter your home is that you can capitalize on all the storage space you have available. Additionally, when decluttering your garage, basement, or attic, using roll-off dumpsters ensure that all of that trash or unused items are disposed of safely and properly. Not only are they more efficient, but they protect your property from pests attracted by clutter and trash buildup, as well as being more eco-friendly. 

For bigger projects like the basement, garage, or attic, 9-yard or 12-yard roll-off dumpsters will ensure you have all of the waste removal space you need. They fit in most driveways, so they’re perfect for any type of cleaning or remodeling project. 

2. Creating Space for Exercise Equipment 

Piggybacking off of the point above, if one of your New Year’s resolutions also includes you getting more exercise, trash roll-off solutions can be a great way to create the space you need to install exercise equipment. For single-room cleanup projects or smaller renovations, a simple 2-yard or 3-yard dumpsteris an easy, compact way of disposing of any waste you collect. 

3. Versatility 

When throwing things away, not all dumpsters are created equal. Some of them aren’t meant to contain certain waste, which is why enlisting the help of a reliable roll-off dumpster service is essential. They’ll be able to tell you what you can and can’t throw away and ensure that all of your materials are disposed of properly, whether they need to go to the landfill or be recycled. 

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