When you have a project coming up that will generate a lot of waste, such as a building renovation or major landscaping initiative, the best way of dealing with the waste is with a roll off dumpster. These are simply short-term dumpster rentals, designed to be easily placed and then removed. They typically come in a variety of sizes, such as 12 yard roll off dumpsters, 9 yard roll off, or other dumpster options.

Even if a company already has a dumpster service in Denver, renting a roll off may be the right call. Roll offs are larger than regular commercial dumpsters, plus the existing dumpsters probably still need to handle typical daily waste.

The question is, what size and type of roll off dumpster is going to be right for your project? Here are some guidelines.

Choosing The Best Roll Off Dumpster for A Major Project

1 – Size

Size is usually the most important consideration. For example, a 12 yard roll off dumpster is the right size for a medium renovation project, such as finishing a basement, or remodeling a portion of an office. For comparison, it can handle around the same amount of trash as 7 pickup truck loads.

On the other hand, smaller sizes such as a 9 yard roll off are better for clean up jobs, such as emptying out a garage or storage container.

2 – Materials being removed

Are the materials going to be small and compact – such as yard and landscaping waste – or larger chunks such as building materials? The larger the pieces being removed, the larger the roll off needs to be, since the space inside won’t be optimized. 

Be careful not to over-fill the roll off. Materials above the lip of the dumpster could cause damage to the pickup service and will require extra effort (and therefore money) to remove.

3 – Prohibited materials

Not everything can be removed in a roll off dumpster. For example: electronic waste, light bulbs, tires, or any sort of chemical waste cannot be hauled away by a basic trash service. You would need specialized services to safely – and legally – dispose of these materials.

Blue Box Waste Service offers easy and affordable waste removal services to the greater Denver area. Whether you’re only renting a 12 yard roll off dumpster for a week or setting up regular weekly dumpster services, we make it simple!