When it comes to roll off dumpsters, there are a variety of sizes out there, one of the most popular being 12 cubic-yard dumpsters. However, if you’re unsure of whether or not this is the right roll off dumpster for you, the team from Blue Box Waste Service has collected some important information here. 

Let’s take a look at the right roll off dumpster size and services for your needs! 

Does Size Really Matter? 

When it comes to roll off dumpster services, the right size can mean the difference between you being able to transport all of your waste in one trip, or having to pay for multiple trips. So, size truly does matter. If you’re working on a home remodeling project or cleaning out the house when moving, you’ll need the proper place to store your dumpster, which is why 12 cubic-yard roll off dumpsters are ideal. They can easily be placed on the curb or driveway without taking up too much space. 

Are 12 Cubic-Yard Roll Off Dumpsters Driveway-Safe? 

Because of their design and compactness, 12 cubic-yard roll off dumpsters can be easily installed in your driveway, yard, or alongside the curb  


What Can Go in My 12 Cubic-Yard Dumpster? 

Everything from old carpeting to used lumber and more can be stored in your dumpster. Generally, it’s recommended to break things down so they can be stored as compactly as possible, enabling you to capitalize on every yard of waste storage space. 

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