When it comes to home renovations, some things are easier than others. If you’ve chosen to take things easy and do one room at a time or only a few rooms in the home, then there are some great DIY projects you can do yourself to save some money. That’s why the waste removal experts from Blue Box Waste Service have highlighted some of the best ones below.

1. Replacing Your Fixtures 

Some of the best home remodeling projects that you can easily do are on your own. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your sink, bathtub, shower enclosure, etc., it’s probably time to upgrade them. Replacing your kitchen or bathroom fixtures can also be done relatively easily and doesn’t always require a professional. Just be sure you read all of the directions and familiarize yourself with the installation process. Our 12 yard roll off dumpsteris the perfect size for this project! 

2. Changing Out Your Countertops 

Your kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops can see a lot of wear and tear over the years since the bathroom and kitchen are arguably the two most highly used rooms in the home. When replacing your countertops, investing in a 9 yard roll off dumpster will make it easy to dispose of old countertops and other waste during the project. You’ll have a host of countertop materials to choose from, making it a great DIY project to revitalize your home.

3. Single-Room Remodels 

Do you have a room in the home that’s seen better days? Perhaps you want to convert that attic into a guest bedroom or a room for your growing teen? Either way, a single-room remodel can be a great DIY renovation project to undertake, and our 9 yard roll off helps make the project even easier. Start by making a checklist and deciding what you want to do, whether it be installing new drywall, repainting the room, or replacing old, outdated fixtures. 

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When you start your DIY remodeling project, always be sure to have the proper waste removal solutions in place to keep your property safe. The team from Blue Box Waste Service provides 9 yard roll off dumpsters, as well as 12 yard roll off dumpsters, perfect for multiple-room remodeling. We also have stationary dumpsters for smaller projects. 

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